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                        If you missed our grand opening on April 30, 2022, not to worry! You can stop by any time between 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. on weekdays and 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. on Sundays.

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                        Educational. Also scholastic, instructional, didactic, informative, and illuminating. Educational books are a broad category simply because education itself is so vast. Learning Spanish is educational. Studying viruses is educational. Calculating the force needed to score a basket while playing basketball in the school yard is educational as well. So when it comes to educational children’s […]

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                        While some children are interested in books from a young age, others need more convincing to sit down and read. What can you do to help your kids find their love of literature? The Right Mindset First, it’s important to frame reading as a hobby rather than a chore. Telling your child to read for […]

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                        Book Review: Hat Cat by Troy Wilson
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                        If you pay attention when you go outside, you’ll notice squirrels scampering across the grass and finding shelter in the trees. But have you ever stopped to feed them? To gain their trust and become friends? In Hat Cat by Troy Wilson, Grandpa goes out to feed the squirrels all the time, setting peanuts on […]

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                        Come Visit Our New Location in Ottawa!
                        By Kara Cybanski | May 3, 2022 | 0 Comments

                        As more and more businesses move exclusively online, you may be wondering why we decided to open a physical location for our children’s publishing company. The answer is simple! While shopping for books on the web is easy, buying them in store is an experience. And that’s precisely what we want to give our customers! […]

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                        Misinformation in the Modern Era: Teaching Kids to Think Critically
                        By Kara Cybanski | April 20, 2022 | 0 Comments

                        -By Braden Harrison Ever wonder if the facts and figures you are reading are true? If the popular figures you follow on Twitter or Facebook are sharing articles filled with misinformation? Or if your children are getting the right information when browsing social media or the internet? Don’t worry, you are not alone. To understand […]

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                        Alternative Education in a Pandemic: Interview with a New Teacher
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                        Back to school is always a big deal: new binders, new classmates, new rooms… But what happens when the newest part of the year is the brand-new teacher? Lindsay has a Bachelor’s of Education specializing in the preschool and elementary levels, and in 2021-2022, for the first time ever, is completely in charge of her […]

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                        Whether it’s for a birthday, a holiday, or an accomplishment, giving children presents is a fun way to celebrate their milestones. Next time the occasion arises, why not select a book or two? Here are seven reasons to give children books as gifts: Giving gifts that last a lifetime. While certain toys quickly become outdated, […]

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                        Book Review: The Big Adventures of a Little Tree – Tree Finds Friendship by Nadja Springer
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                        If you look out your window, you’ll probably see a tree somewhere—on your lawn, in the park across the street, in the nearby forest. But did you ever stop to think that this tree might be yearning for adventure? Nadja Springer’s The Big Adventures of a Little Tree – Tree Finds Friendship is the heartwarming […]

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                        If your child loves to read, loves libraries, and/or loves a specific book or series, and if their birthday is approaching, why not throw them an epic book-themed party? Check out these 5 neat ideas for hosting an epic birthday-book-bash! Invitations First step is to invite all those party guests! Follow these simple steps to […]

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                        How to Get Kids Off Technology (Without a Fight)
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                        I remember getting my very first cellphone—a Nokia flip phone—at age 12. My mother remembers when her family got colour TV! But kids nowadays were practically born knowing how an iPad works. How do we get them off the screen without a fight? First things first: let’s work on our mindset. If we start screeching […]

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                        This book is truly a work of art. It features a bunch of wonderful poems about kids having recess and life in the Arctic. From making igloos to the Northern lights to sled dogs it depicts many of the unique elements that make the North so very special. Also look at these illustrations ?? I really enjoyed this and highly recommend!

                        The books increase in difficulty at a steady pace so students are not overwhelmed with words and catch themselves reading (to their absolute delight). For the last four years, I have been using this reading program for all my beginning readers. It’s been the one program that has consistently helped the majority of my students.

                        As a librarian, I haven’t often come across books that teach financial literacy to kids, so when I read Three Little Piggy Banks, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Financial literacy can seem intimidating, even for adults who have been paying bills and other expenses for years and years. It seems almost impossible to unpack such a mature subject for the youngest of children, but author Pamela George deftly simplifies the subject for young children. The book provides a very basic understanding of money: saving it, sharing it, and spending it.

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